Practical Philosophy - Introductory Course (Part 1)

Practical Philosophy draws on the great teachers of the world, for peace of mind and proven ways to reduce stress. This practical philosophy course comprises ten dynamic group meetings. The great philosophical teachings of East and West are discussed. Students apply the teachings to their everyday lives. What is found to be useful is adopted into the life. An increase in happiness, peace of mind and a reduction in stress is the welcome outcome.


Date 15th January 2018 - 31st March 2018
Duration10 Weeks
Fee€ 80.00

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What to expect

Practical Philosophy offers students an effective and novel approach to the great questions of life. Each session lasts about 2 hours with a break for refreshments. During this introductory term we study philosophy as the love of wisdom. We consider how the wise live, what the wise man or woman might do in any situation. We discover wisdom as the knowledge which will enable a person to live truly and happily. Wisdom enables us to master the art of living.

More about the course

Our study of Practical Philosophy begins with a 10 week Introductory Course (called 'Part 1') and then continues forward with additional 10 week terms for those who wish to explore further. The 2-hour classes are filled with lively discussions in the spirit of inquiry. There is a 15 minute break for refreshments where students get to know each other and share experiences.

The Introductory Course offers an entirely practical approach to the study and practice of philosophical principles. The course is for everyone regardless of race, education, occupation, age, culture and religion. No prior knowledge is needed - simply a desire to examine life and enjoy it more fully.

In the first session of the Introductory Course a very simple practice is given to enable students to begin to connect with a deeper peace and stillness within themselves and also observe more clearly the state of their own mind and emotions. For those who decide to continue their study beyond the Introductory Course, meditation is offered in the fourth term. Students wishing to take up meditation earlier may do so.

What we will cover

Week 1

The Wisdom Within. The aim of this session is to introduce the subject of philosophy as the love of wisdom

Week 2

Know Thyself. The subject of this session is self-knowledge. The wise seek to know themselves, and to live according to that knowledge

Week 3

Being Awake. The subject of this session is being awake, the levels of awareness. What does it mean to be truly awake?

Week 4

Attending To The Present Moment. 'The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.' - Writer Henry Miller

Week 5

Living Justly. What is justice? Is it important to live justly. Would a wise person live justly? In this session we will consider what Plato said about this.

Week 6

The Three-Fold Energy. In this session we are going to consider energy. Do we find that our energy levels vary? Would we like to have more energy? What is energy?

Week 7

The Light Of Reason. We are devoting a session to reason as it is the prime tool we use in exploring philosophy.

Week 8

The Power Of Beauty. 'Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light within the heart' - Kahlil Gibran

Week 9

Unity In Diversity. The subject for study in this session is finding unity in diversity. As we shall see, reason and beauty, which we have studied in the last two weeks play an important part in this.

Week 10

The desire for truth. We conclude this introductory course by considering the desire for Truth. What is it? Is it common to everyone? How may it be discovered?

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