Practical Philosophy - Part 3

What is love anyway?


Date 17th September 2018 - 2nd December 2018
Duration10 Weeks

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What to expect

When you have completed Part 2, the next term is Part 3 and the subject is Love. Continue your enjoyment of practical philosophy with this 10 week course

Practical Philosophy Part 3 Love

In this Part 3 Course in Practical Philosophy we are going to concentrate on the subject of love. We will be exploring questions such as: What is love?  How is it gained and how is it lost?  What is love's effect on actions?  Is it universal or limited?

As in previous terms, the group is asked neither to accept or reject what is presented but rather to test and verify it in the light of their own experience.

Our opening proposition is that everyone has pure love in their nature. We explore the difference between pure and impure love.
Pure love untainted by selfishness, unrestricted by any sense of limit.
Pure love also within oneself.
Love is conducive to a full, rich and inclusive life; selfishness results in a small and exclusive life.

The life that goes out in love to all is the life that is full
and rich, and continually expanding in beauty and

(In Tune With the Infinite, Ralph Waldo Trine)

With pure love there is stillness, the heart is at rest. We explore the need to look beyond appearances to understand the true nature of ourselves and others.

What we will cover

Week 1

Love - some fundamental questions. What is it? Is it important? How is it gained and how lost? Is it limited or universal? How may it be expanded and strengthened?

Week 2

‘Everyone has pure love within their nature and all strive to express this love through the creation’.. The nature of love in overcoming all limits

Week 3

Expanding and strengthening the force of pure love. The constancy of true love. The impediments to true love.. ‘Love is the natural in-between’. What gets in the way of love – attitudes, ideas, likes, dislikes, demands, expectations, etc

Week 4

What is it that is loved? . The transient nature of love that is directed to the body, behaviour, mind or feelings

Week 5

In love there is unity, differences are dissolved. Statements that expand the love, e.g. Love your enemies. The transformative power of love, replacing the endless cycle of tit-for-tat.

Week 6

Directing love to the essence. — The effect of seeing a person as other than one’s self.. Introduction to the subtle area of mind.

Week 7

Love as the motive force behind everything.. Love also the ultimate cause of hostility which springs up when love is hindered.

Week 8

‘If you want to be loved, then love’. . Unconditional love delivers the heart from all suffering. Where there is acceptance, there is love. The importance of stillness of being in reaching deeper levels of love.

Week 9

The effect of judgement is to inhibit or even deny love. . Not inflicting ourselves on others. Dropping criticism, especially of ourselves. ‘Work is love made visible’

Week 10

Work is love made visible’. . In deep stillness we are loving. For love to be pure, it needs to be unconditional.

Practical Philosophy Part 3 Love

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'Work is love made visible' - Khalil Gibran

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