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This is an ongoing series of meetups beginning Monday 15th November 2021 at 6:30pm. Each meetup is 60 minutes. the sessions are interactive discussions with young people, moderated by tutors who have studied philosophy for many years, applying it in practical ways which lead to a simple and natural way of living happily.


We meet weekly on Mondays at 630pm online via Zoom. You can drop in and out as often or as little as you like, or life allows. The weekly sessions alternate between philosophical discussion one week and then a stillness session the following week.

Our Young Life Philosophy meet-ups are held via Zoom and are between 30 - 60 mins long.

We are a community of practical philosophers, so this is for everyday living. It is not an academic approach and does not require coursework.

We will explore what some of the world’s great philosophers have had to say and consider them in practical ways that are relevant to our lives today. All our meet-ups are conducted in a spirit of enquiry. The most important things will be what we discover for ourselves, our insights, and what might be valuable in our lives.

There are two main sources for the School’s philosophy: Advaita philosophy (the philosophy of non-duality), and Platonism. The School draws from many additional sources which are resonant with these two main themes. These together can be viewed as a golden thread that runs through both western and eastern philosophy.

Week 1

Ongoing. The Greek philosopher Socrates said "The unexamined life is not worth living". We will discuss the big philosophical questions: Who am I? What is the purpose of my life? Is there a natural way of living? And moral questions: Are there eternal principles by which I should live? Is taking more than I need stealing? Is forgiveness being tolerant of all the difficulties, awkwardness and faults of others? We explore Sanātana Dharma, a set of 10 laws or principles which if followed can lead to prosperity and freedom. The ten principles are: patience, forgiveness, self control, not-stealing, purification, mastery over the sensory organs, spiritual intellect, spiritual knowledge, truth and lack of anger. Stillness sessions offer a simple and inspiring antidote to the stress of everyday living. Enjoy thirty minutes of stillness, listen to beautiful readings and be guided through a period of rest. Join us and explore what the wise tell us on all these topics and share our own experiences and insights and how they apply to your generation.

Mahatma Gandhi

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