All courses for the Summer 2020 term will be hosted live online, starting Monday May 4th.

Starting Wednesday 23 January 2019

A few thousand years ago Patanjali, a sage from India, developed a scientific step-by-step approach to lead us, ordinary human beings, from the commonly experienced chaos, confusion and negative emotions to higher and highest levels of WELL-BEING.

For the one who has conquered the mind,the mind is the best of friends, but for one who has failed to do so, this very mind will be the greatest enemy. (Geeta 6.6)

Is your mind torturing you and making your life hell, or have you learnt to take charge of your mind so it becomes a wondrous instrument for your use?

The YOGA SŪTRAS give your mind skills to deal with the most awkward situations and people to make sense of your life and maximize your contentment and usefulness.

A website is under construction to explain the YOGA SŪTRAS:

I this introductory course we only deal with the key statements (30 out of 196 statements).

There is an opportunity for them to be put into practice. A log-book is supplied to keep a record of discoveries. This forms the basis of the following week’s discussion before moving on.

Cost : €50

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