Sanskrit for Philosophy Students

An Introductory Course of Nine Terms

The aim of the course is to provide a sound introduction to the language.

  • Term ONE - The Alphabet - Reading and Writing
  • Term TWO - Development of Words and Types of Words
  • Term THREE - Role Players in a Sentence
  • Term FOUR - The Riches in a Sanskrit Dictionary
  • Term FIVE - Introduction to Sandhi
  • Term SIX - Rules of Vowels
  • Term SEVEN - Rues of Consonants
  • Term EIGHT - Introduction to Sanskrit Literature
  • Term NINE - Bringing it all together

There are a combination of classroom groups and online groups at various levels of the above syllabus. There are also groups at more advanced levels.

You can view the current online classes via http://practicalphilosophyonli...

Please contact to assist you finding a suitable online or classroon based class.

Term 1 - Beginners Sanskrit

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