Democracy and its Opposite

Plato: a voice from the past with a message for today


SpeakerDavid Horan
Date Sat 30th Mar 10:00 - 12:00
Location School of Philosophy & Economic Science, 47-49 Northumberland Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin

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The “threat to democracy” is a frequent news topic these days and a source of genuine concern to many. However, the very word democracy comes from ancient Greece and it was in the Athens of Plato’s time that the first bold experiments in democracy were made. There is no doubt that Plato applied his great and universal mind, for much of his life, to considering how societies should be governed so that all may be happy, and the place of democracy in such a constitution. His final and comprehensive thinking on this topic is reflected in his last great work, the Laws, his parting message to the world. A talk by Dr. David Horan will face us with the challenge of Plato’s dialectic on the theme of democracy, as presented in the Laws, and allow us to consider and discuss his message for the present age.