In Plato’s dialogues philosophy becomes alive and dramatic. The great issues which faced mankind two thousand years ago and which still face us today are discussed and argued with enthusiasm and urgency which can be appreciated by anyone who reads Plato. Socrates, the central character of Plato’s dialogues was a philosopher who lived in Athens in the 4th century B.C. as the city went into decline and political and civil strife reigned. Plato in his dialogues shows us a Socrates who engages in philosophy through ordinary conversation based upon love of truth and a genuine spirit of enquiry. Discover the profundity and practicality of this approach to philosophy.

This term there are two dialogues available suitable to those new to Plato or who have done some previous study. Plato's Republic on Mondays or Thursdays 7:30pm and Plato's Crito on Thursdays 7:30. All starting week of April 26th for 8 weeks online via zoom, each class is 75 minutes.

Along with above there are some more established groups who meet on a weekly basis. There are two yearly events, Plato week in August and Day with Plato in November and from time to some standalone Plato inspired talks, further details below or or contact

Saturday Mornings with Plato

This is established group meeting online on Saturday morning at 10am. The group is at full capacity and so only available to existing students. The study this term is Plato's Gorgias.

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Plato Soa

Plato Week - August 2021

An opportunity to spent a week in the good company of Plato's Laws with Plato students from all over the world.

Plato and The Modern World

Plato In The Modern World 2

Plato and Human Rights

A talk by Dr David Horan - April 17th @10am


Dr Horan

What is Dialectic or the Socratic Method?


Socrates Quote

Plato Talks

Recordings of Plato related talks can be accessed here


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