Plato and The Modern World [BOOKING NOW CLOSED]

Residential at Townley Hall, Ireland or On-line via Zoom - led by Dr David Horan

From Saturday 20th August to Sunday 28th August, 2022

Booking CLOSED

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Reading Plato’s Laws: on religion and belief

Enjoy 7 days devoted to the philosophy of Plato, and our own exploration of philosophic enquiry. In the Laws, Plato’s last work, the great teacher of the West turns his attention to the world around him and applies the universal truths of philosophy to the complex particulars of the everyday world.

The purpose of this study event is to consider the challenges facing the world today in the light of the wisdom of Plato’s Laws, and to discover the relevance and urgency of Plato’s last great masterpiece of philosophy and political enquiry: The Laws. The programme will also include the study of Plotinus.

Online meetings will be scheduled to provide for multiple time zones and will incorporate a full morning of study and a block of late afternoon/evening study. The program will include meetings conducted by Dr Horan as well as a full programme of guest lectures.

These Plato events are primarily intended for students of the School attending philosophy groups, who are meditating. Those attending the residential should have attended at least one previous residential event with the school.

BOOKING: Booking deadline: Saturday 24th July 2022.

COST: Online event: €80 (the online event commences on Sunday 21 st August)

COST: Residential: Townley Hall accommodation and meals €550

(Payments fully refundable until 24th July 2022)

If you wish to request special accommodation contact Sandra O’Neil at: