ROSE KERVICK invites you to revisit some of the seasonal talks delivered by the School which address the topics that are foremost in all of our minds

Are you in need of inspiration? Have you checked out the online recordings on our website? These are recordings of talks that have been held throughout Ireland, usually each Christmas, Easter and Summer break. The talks last about an hour and after a break, there is a Q&A session, which opens up the topic for greater exploration among the audience.

You can listen directly in your browser (even on your phone) at this link and you can also subscribe via SoundCloud and via your iPhone Apple Podcast.


There are over 70 recorded talks here on important topics such as Love, Grief, Success and Gratitude. One of the most popular talks (listened to over 1,500 times) is ‘Philosophy and Unleashing Your Creativity’ by Shane Mulhall. Shane was the leader of the School of Practical Philosophy in Ireland for 25 years and as he died in 2016, many new students will not have had the pleasure of hearing him speak. These recordings will enable them to do so. And for those who loved attending Shane’s classes and talks, listening to these audios is a great reminder of his generosity of spirit and inspirational wisdom.


In Unleashing Your Creativity, Shane asks ‘are you inspired or expired?’ He reminds us that inspiration is an inner sight deep within our being, always new, always unknown. “A witty statement is as new to you as it is to those around you and that is why you laugh as loud as everybody else! It is a connection of knowledge within, with knowledge without. For a moment the individual becomes universal. The ordinary person is revealed in all their glory as if without limit”.


We don’t possess creativity, creativity possesses us ‘like a current in full force’. It is a mystery that can’t be contrived or understood.

Where can creativity flourish? Listen and learn for reminders on how to remove the impediments that keep us from being inspired all the time.

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