Information For New Students

We hold classes across the 4 provinces and online via Zoom

For the last 50 years the School of Philosophy and Economic Science has been presenting practical philosophy classes on an entirely voluntary, non-profit basis in 25 branches all over the island of Ireland.

These classes are presented in each of 3 terms over a calendar year. Students are welcome to attend for 1 term or 2 terms or as many terms as they wish.

Introductory Course

In their first term new students attend The Introductory Course in Philosophy and Meditation which runs for 10 weeks. The topic of this course is ‘Wisdom’ and the detailed content of the course can be found on our website. Practical aspects of wisdom are discussed each week and a handout summarizing the main points is available at the end of each class.

These courses all start in September, January and after Easter each year. Although students are encouraged to stay with the same class throughout the term, where available you can attend a different class in a given week if you are not in a position to attend your regular class. This option extends to attending in a different branch in a given week if that facilitates your attendance for that week.

Follow on Courses

For those who wish to continue on after the Introductory Course, Level 2 has a further 4 terms on the topics of Love, Happiness, Presence of Mind and Freedom. On completion of Level 2 you can then progress to Level 3 which has a further 7 terms covering a wide variety of philosophical topics.

In the fifth term (i.e. the term discussing Freedom) there is an opportunity to be introduced to mantra based meditation.

Additional Courses

Although the majority of our courses follow the ongoing study of Practical Philosophy we also offer courses in Economic Justice, Plato and Sanskrit.