Philosophy Class - A Poem

By Brigid Cantwell

Once a week we come and learn, to sit and discuss the past, To talk and recall about how the theories from then still last. Stepping back in time, we talk about the olden days, Reading from ancient Scribes, such as Plato and Socrates.

(This class which we are attending, has many different parts, Unifying us all, with our thoughts, our minds, our hearts. Meditation makes us feel relaxed, and comfortable in our seat, Taking away the stresses of the day, and making us feel complete).

Asking many questions, namely such as ‘Who am I?’ Gaining different perspectives on the Who, What, Where and Why. Our journey takes us back to the times of long ago, Discovering things that we may, unwittingly, already know.

From Scribes people from the past would look, to all the info they could get, Nowadays, however, we have our own ‘Scribe’, the trusted Internet. Although Romeo could not tweet to make his feelings heard, He was still able to show his Juliet that he really + truly cared.

(Whilst times have indeed changed, and we are in a time of technology, The basic rules of the Guna still apply, and these are a powerful three. Sattwa, Rajas, Tamas may seem like a new language, but of this I am sure, They guide us on our way, with a path that is true and pure.)

Our journey has now reached its end, and I think you may agree, A great way to learn from the past is through Philosophy. The theories from then still ring out Loud and Strong, Giving us place and meaning in this World, where you and I belong.

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