Practical Philosophy Has Enhanced My Life In Many Ways

I noticed something different about my brother-in-law. He seemed to be so steady and sure of his feelings. I asked him about it, he told me that he was a student in the School of Philosophy and had learned to meditate. He told me I should try it for a term, and so I did, along with my sister. I am still a member of the School, trying to meditate and use the philosophic principles from the East and West in my life on a daily basis, over 30 years later!

My life has not been straightforward, indeed it has presented plenty of challenges, including a cancer diagnosis almost eight years ago. However, I can genuinely say that, the Practical Philosophy principle, of simply trying to spend each moment in the present in the knowledge that all else is temporary, has enabled me to navigate through life’s events, always being aware that there is ‘an aspect of my being’ that never changes and is untouched by human suffering and challenges.

This knowledge, through experience, brings an immense amount of comfort and joy to my life every day.

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