Townley Hall Walled Garden

This is our no - dig, regenerative, organic vegetable garden.

From Grazing Cows to Philosophers’ Garden

The Walled Garden at Townley Hall near Drogheda is our practical response to the need for sustainable, organic produce in the community. Initiated in 2021 by students in the School of Philosophy & Economic Science, this garden serves as both a learning environment for philosophy students and a source of fresh vegetables for local charity efforts.

Covering 0.6 hectares, the garden employs a ‘no dig’ approach to cultivation, minimizing soil disruption and reducing carbon emissions. By 2025, we aim to achieve full organic certification from The Organic Trust CLG. Our commitment to organic standards is thorough, compliant with both local agricultural regulations and international standards (ISO/IEC 1707).

The ‘no dig’ method we use involves laying a thick layer of compost over the soil, sourced from Enrich Environmental who repurpose local green waste into high-quality compost. This method helps us maintain soil health and enhances carbon sequestration.

Since 2022, we’ve partnered with FoodCloud to donate our harvests, which are distributed primarily through the Irish Soup Kitchen in Drogheda. Last year, we produced and donated 3.1 tonnes of vegetables, equivalent to over 10,000 meals, while also avoiding nearly 14 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The garden operates from June to October, producing approximately 200kg of vegetables weekly, including cabbage, tomatoes, beetroot, onions, and more. These regular donations are crucial for providing fresh and nutritious meals through FoodCloud.

The project is overseen by Hilda Crampton, a professional organic grower with over 30 years of experience and a student at the School of Philosophy.

We welcome anyone interested in volunteering or learning more about sustainable gardening practices. Join us at the Walled Garden, where we are not just growing vegetables but also fostering community and environmental stewardship.

This can happen in several ways.

  • Join the core team and commit to work for at least one day per month
  • Drop by midweek during the summer months in particular and do a little watering or weeding. This may suit those who live close by.
  • Volunteer for ad hoc service opportunities for projects that will be publicised from time to time.
  • Bring your friends and family along with you on the day.

Do help in whatever way that you can to support our philosophers’ garden!

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