In Memory of Shane Mulhall

Shane Mulhall (1950 - 2016) was leader of the School of Philosophy & Economic Science in Ireland for 25 years. In celebration of his life and in the spirit of Shane Mulhall himself in giving freely and generously of his wisdom, energy and enthusiasm over the 25 years, his very popular talks given over the years are made available here.

The talks are available for listening online or to download to anyone who wishes to avail of them.


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The study of Plato has been an integral part of the School of Philosophy since the earliest days of the school. In Plato’s dialogues philosophy becomes alive and dramatic.

These talks draw on the wisdom of Plato as illustrated by Plato when addressing the great issues which faced mankind two thousand years ago and which still face us today.


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Lecture Series

In response to demand, many of the lectures in our lecture series have been recorded and made available to everybody.

Our recordings capture over 15 years of live lectures held in the Spring, Summer and Winter all over Ireland.

The format is about one hour of lecture, followed by a question and answer from the audience.


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