Part 02: Happiness

Practical Philosophy - Happiness

We are all seeking happiness - how is happiness lost and how can we find it ? This course will provide you with a map to where it may be found.

For the Summer Term 2021 (starting week of April 19th), our Happiness Course continues online. This will allow students to interact through video conferencing, not just with the tutors, but with other students in the group.


Duration10 Weeks

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What To Expect

When you have completed the Introductory Course, the theme of the next term is Happiness. Enjoy the company of enquiring minds and explore what the wise have to say about happiness in this next 10 week course.


This 10 week course is a follow-on from our Introductory Course and we explore the great theme of happiness. Classes start online on the week beginning Monday 11th January. They are held via Zoom video and you will be sent a Zoom link to join the class at the regular time each week over 10 weeks.

Philosophy is the love of wisdom. Wisdom is that knowledge which allows life to be lived in such a way that it is true and happy. It includes knowledge of one’s self and knowledge of the world in which we live. With knowledge of one’s self, we begin to know the truth about ourselves and then it is possible to play whatever part the world may present to us fully and with ease and enjoyment. Without that knowledge, there will be no certainty in life, it will not be fulfilled and our destiny will remain unrealised.

The desire for happiness is such a driving force both in individuals and for mankind itself, that if we can understand the true nature of happiness, we have gone a long way to understanding ourselves and the nature of the world in which we live.

We consider questions such as:

  • What is happiness?
  • Is it natural to a man or woman?
  • How may it be experienced fully and how is it lost?
  • Is it permanent or transient?
  • What is the effect of gaining happiness at the expense of another person’s happiness?

Week 1

Is true happiness natural?.

Week 2

How would a wise man or woman increase happiness now?.

Week 3

The greatest happiness for the greatest number.

Week 4

The distinction between pleasure and happiness.

Week 5

Live a true happy life.

Week 6

The Platonic goods or virtues.

Week 7

Discover the inner equilibrium .

Week 8


Week 9

Finding happiness in work.

Week 10

True happiness and wisdom.

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