Part 05: Freedom

Practical Philosophy - Freedom

Freedom is the open window through which pours the sunlight of the human spirit and human dignity.

For the Summer Term 2021, our Freedom Course continues online. This will allow students to interact through video conferencing, not just with the tutors, but with other students in the group.


Duration10 Weeks

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What to expect

The principal aim of human life is freedom. Discover why!


The theme of this course is freedom. This term students are introduced to the practice of meditation. Our School sees meditation as a core practice of the philosophy which enhances the understanding and nourishes the wellbeing of the individual. It is a mantra-based meditation system and has been practiced by students in Ireland over the past fifty years.

Week 1

Truth brings about freedom.

Week 2

Freedom and the play of life​.

Week 3

What is freedom of speech?.

Week 4

Freedom of discussion. The use of Platonic dialectic..

Week 5

The different levels of speech..

Week 6

The attitude and emotion that lies behind action.

Week 7

How attitude can bring about freedom.

Week 8

Valuing freedom.

Week 9

You are a free man.

Week 10

The humanity in man.

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