Practical Philosophy

Most of our courses follow the ongoing study of Practical Philosophy. We also offer courses in Economics, Plato and Sanskrit, all Spring classes will be online.

New students begin with the very popular Practical Philosophy Introductory Course which is run over 10 weeks online.

Thousands of people all over Ireland have enjoyed these classes for almost 50 years. You will enjoy the company of others asking the age-old questions of philosophy and applying the words of the wise to our everyday lives.

The theme of this Introductory Course is Wisdom. Many students then go on to Part 2 and the theme of Part 2 is Happiness. Part 3 is Love and Part 4 is Presence of Mind. During Part 4 students are invited to learn mantra-based meditation.

What happens when you have finished the courses in Wisdom, Love, Happiness, Meditation, Freedom? Well, many students decide to continue the journey of self enquiry for many more terms, and even many more years. We come back especially to get support for our meditation practice, to continue to read great material and also for the excellent company of our classmates. For this reason, the school organises additional classes each term with groups students who are meditating. These classes are led by a tutor and have the same enquiry, discussion and practice format as the earlier terms, with the addition of meditation.

Economics with Justice

Economics as though people really matter

This approach to economics has justice at its heart and offers new perspectives on economic thought and practice. The Economics Group in the School seeks to understand the elementary principles underlying the economic activity of the individual, the State and the world at large. Next course TBC.


Understanding this ancient language

Sanskrit is an ancient Indian language which is at the source of all Indo-European languages including English and Irish. It has a rich literature which includes the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads and Yoga Sutras, works which inspire the work and studies of the School of Philosophy & Economic Science. This language is without comparison in the beauty of its structure and the breadth of its literature.

Sanskrit is currently taught online in weekly groups.

Next Beginners course for adults TBC.

Why Learn Sanskrit?


Discover for yourself this great genius

In Plato’s dialogues philosophy becomes alive and dramatic. The great issues which faced mankind two thousand years ago and which still face us today are discussed and argued with enthusiasm and urgency which can be appreciated by anyone who reads Plato. Socrates, the central character of Plato’s dialogues was a philosopher who lived in Athens in the 4th century B.C. as the city went into decline and political and civil strife reigned. Plato in his dialogues shows us a Socrates who engages in philosophy through ordinary conversation based upon love of truth and a genuine spirit of enquiry. Discover the profundity and practicality of this approach to philosophy.

On Saturday mornings between 10.00 am and 12 noon the Plato study group will meet online to study of Plato’s Meno. SATURDAY MORNING PLATO Dates TBC.

Saturday Morning Plato