Practical Philosophy and more

Most of our courses follow the ongoing study of Practical Philosophy. We also offer courses in Economics, Plato and Sanskrit

New students begin with the very popular Practical Philosophy Introductory Course which is run over 10 evenings in 24 branches nationwide.

Thousands of people all over Ireland have enjoyed these classes for almost 50 years. You will enjoy the company of others asking the age old questions of philosophy and applying the words of the wise to our everyday lives. 

The theme of this Introductory Course is Wisdom. Many students then go on to Part 2 and the theme of Part 2 is Happiness. Part 3 is Love and Part 4 is Presence of Mind. During Part 4 students are invited to learn mantra based meditation.

Part 1

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Part 02

Practical Philosophy: Happiness

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Part 03

Practical Philosophy: Love

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Part 04

Practical Philosophy: Presence

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Calm Water

Economics with Justice

Economics as though people really matter

This approach to economics has justice at its heart and offers new perspectives on economic thought and practice. The Economics Group in the School seeks to understand the elementary principles underlying the economic activity of the individual, the State and the world at large.


Economic Justice

Part 00

Economics: Economic Justice Term One: Foundation Course

We examine the concept of capital and how it relates to our present- ...

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Understanding this ancient language

The major philosophical works of the East, such as the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads were composed in Sanskrit. This language is studied in the School primarily to understand the wisdom contained in these works.


Discover for yourself this great genius

With Plato, philosophy becomes real, living and dramatic. This course will make it easy, even for the beginner, to connect with this master philosopher. Discussing the philosophical material with a group of like-minded people is a truly enriching experience.

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