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The theme of this term is Love. Continue your enjoyment of practical philosophy with this 10 week course


The theme of this course is love. We explore questions such as: What is love? How is it gained and how is it lost? What is love's effect on actions? Is it universal or limited?

Classes start online on the week beginning Monday 19th September. They are held via Zoom video and you will be sent a Zoom link to join the class at the regular time each week over 10 weeks.

As in previous terms, the group is asked neither to accept or reject what is presented but rather to test and verify it in the light of their own experience.

We open with the proposition that everyone has pure love in their nature. We explore the difference between pure and impure love. Pure love untainted by selfishness, unrestricted by any sense of limit.
Pure love also within oneself. Love is conducive to a full, rich and inclusive life; selfishness results in a small and exclusive life.

With pure love there is stillness, the heart is at rest. We explore the need to look beyond appearances to understand the true nature of ourselves and others.

Week 1

Love as an essential part of human nature..

Week 2

Love is the impelling force behind all actions..

Week 3

Love and constancy.

Week 4

Loving whatever it is that is most essential about a person.

Week 5

The force of love resulting in duality and conflict.

Week 6

The relationship between love and gratitude.

Week 7

The Subtle Realm.

Week 8

Integrity, self management and personal inner freedom.

Week 9

The relationship between law and love.

Week 10

Love and Knowledge.

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