Practical Philosophy - Introductory Course (Part 1)

16th April 2018 - 30th June 2018

Our 10 week introductory course in practical philosophy draws on the great teachers of the world, for peace of mind, enjoyment and proven ways to reduce stress.

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Part 02

Practical Philosophy: Happiness

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Part 03

Practical Philosophy: Love

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Townley Hall Main House, Drogheda

A Day With Plato - Plato's five forms of government

Are Plato's ideas relevant to our times? Are the warning signs on the path from Democracy to Tyranny described in Republic Book VIII recognisable? Join us in this exploration of ourselves and our society through the wisdom of Plato.



A Day With Plato Cork - Plato's five forms of government

A second opportunity to connect with the wisdom of Plato as "Day with Plato" travel to The Bessborough Centre, Blackrock, Cork.


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With 24 branches all over the island of Ireland, thousands of students have participated in its classes over the last 50 years.

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Townley Hall

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