Presence of Mind

What is the present? What does it contain? In this term we examine what the powers and capabilities of the mind in the present moment.


With presence of mind, it may be possible to see more fully and clearly what is true or untrue, eternal or transient, real, or imaginary. There may be a greater understanding of the underlying causes which have brought about a situation and consequently a better possibility of acting in a way that will be positive and liberating. Presence of mind can help us to see more clearly. It can help us to discover a more subtle sense of sight ‐ incorporating what is sometimes referred to as insight and foresight. Greater presence of mind can lead to greater self‐awareness.

Week 1

The benefits of presence of mind.

Week 2

The presence of true existence.

Week 3

The eternal and the transient.

Week 4

The one in front of us is our teacher.

Week 5

The natural rhythm with which events unfold with ease and simplicity.

Week 6

The power of thought.

Week 7

The power of decision.

Week 8

The power of love.

Week 9

The power of will.

Week 10

Universal beings with universal powers.

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