The Power of Socrates led by Dr David Horan

The Power of Socrates led by Dr David Horan

Online from Sunday August 4th (full day) to Friday 9th August (full day).

Residential at Townley Hall from Saturday 10th (arrival day) to Sunday 18th August (departure) .

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Meeting Socrates through the words of Plato

Enjoy 6/7 days devoted to the philosophy of Plato, and our own exploration of philosophic enquiry.

  • The online Plato week will run from Sunday August 4th (full day) to Friday 9th August (full day).
  • The residential Plato Week at Townley Hall will run from Saturday 10th (arrival day) to Sunday 18th August (departure) .

Socrates, speaking at his trial in 399 BC, implored the jurors and the people of Athens to value wisdom and truth more than money, reputation and honour, and declared that the unexamined life is not worth living. Plato was present at this trial and the words he heard, spoken by his master Socrates, set the course of his life and of his philosophy. Through Plato, the power of Socrates’ words resonates to this very day. During this week of study, discussion and contemplation, we shall use Plato’s dialogues, and other sources, to connect with the power of Socrates’ words, enabling them to be effective in our own lives and inner philosophic endeavours. We can thus discover the truth of Cicero’s claim that Socrates “...was the first to call philosophy down from the heavens and set her in the cities of men and bring her also into their homes and compel her to ask questions about life and morality and things good and evil... “

The programme will incorporate study of Plato’s Dialogues, some study of Plotinus, and plenary meetings to set the scene and allow full discussion and questions. There will also be a programme of guest lectures and interviews.

Meetings for the on-line event will be scheduled to provide for multiple time zones. Both events will be led by Dr David Horan.

Students who are new to the study of Plato are welcome to attend these everts. Those attending the residential at Townley Hall should have attended at least one previous residential event with the school and be meditating.

  • COST: Online event: €80
  • COST: Residential: Townley Hall accommodation and meals €350

If you have any further queries please contact your local representative,

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